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Our Story 

Our story starts in the city that never sleeps, Las Vegas, Nevada. The Bettor team’s President (Mark) has called Las Vegas Home for over 20 years. Mark spent the last twenty years in the service industry and when the pandemic hit, decided to venture out on his own and see if the entire Bettor team could spread a little luck around the world.  As many professions, the service industry allows you to meet all types of people from every walk of life from all over the world.  For Mark, all these acquaintances led him to making the friendships that turned, A Bettor Company, a crazy idea into reality.

The beginning of the Bettor journey starts out with Nick, the gentlemen who came up with an idea of putting a poker chip on bottles of all types.  Nick worked in Las Vegas in the early 80s and some of his fondest memories were working at the Sands running the limo and taxi operations. Back then, the best things were a $.99 shrimp cocktails, free buffets and if you were lucky, a high roller would drop you a Dollar ($100 black poker chip) to get moved to the front of the line. The good ole’ days. Nick eventually moved on from the hospitality side of the business and found his passion and gift in sales.  He was the first to sell bulk quantities of suntan lotion to the strip hotels and casinos, which means Nick helped start the corporate purchasing programs that we know today.

In an unrelated event of fate, in 2007, Mark, Josh and Penny (Josh’s Wife) met one another at a restaurant in the Venetian through a mutual friend. Mark was a bar manager and Josh/Penny had recently started a vodka company and were in town for the product launch party at the newly opened 40/40 club.  Mark and Josh’s mutual friend was supposed to help with the product launch, but unfortunately wasn’t able to last minute.  Josh asked Mark if he could step in and help them with the launch and Mark went to work setting up a successful launch party.  This newly formed friendship helped launch the product and 14 years later they aren’t just friends, they’re family and business partners.   

This leads us to Josh and Nick being introduced. Josh took a major interest in the poker chip concept.  The meeting started with some samples and the idea of the bottles being sold to the hotels in place of the mini shampoo bottles that were in the rooms. With Josh’s experience in manufacturing, he worked on creating the new Bettor bottle we currently have.  Josh then reached out to Mark to see if he could help with launching the product and Mark left his executive position with MGM Resorts International to lead A Bettor Company and make a go of a new product line during the pandemic.


Bettor Community Commitment

This journey started a year ago, with a ton of ideas and the notion that we wanted to give back to Las Vegas during a time that no one thought possible. We have partnered with charity organizations like Opportunity Village to help us with our packaging and to keep people working.  We also found Nevada Donor Network, whose mission is to give the gift of life through organ, eye and tissue donation.  Additionally, we worked with our existing network of industry contacts and friends alike who have turned into amazing partners to not only sell our products at their properties and/or storefronts, but also partner with us to bottle our products locally which has provided jobs to hospitality professional we have worked with in the past.  Now, we are hoping to get lucky and find loyal customers that believe in our story and love our product as much as we do. 

We ‘bet’ our products bring a little luck your way!

For more information about partnering with A Bettor Company, please contact us.


A Bettor Planet


We’re doing everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint. That's why we set out on a mission to upcycle.  We started off repurposing all our cardboard boxes using a woodchipper to help us create packaging material for all of our shipments. We do things a little differently. Check out our woodchipper in action here!  

Next, our goal was to create a bottle that wouldn't be a part of the waste problem across our planet. We give our loyal customers an opportunity to be a part of the solution to keep our planet green. That's why we created our 750ml bottle with the primary goal that it would never end up in landfills. Did you know that the U.S. has about thirteen-million metric tons of glass a year and only about three-million tons of that is actually recycled?  That’s why we created this bottle’s design with upcycling in mind.  

Meet Chip, our ‘Chief of Upcycling.’  Yes, we have a betta fish that is an executive and is only one example of what our bottle can be repurposed into after you've enjoyed the spirits within it.  

If you aren't looking to create a fish tank, our bottle can be used for a variety of upcycling options. A very retro looking piggy bank (that a quarter can fit in) which was an inspiration from a change jar our President’s Father had when he was growing up. Have you heard of an inspiration or motivational quotes jar? Add your favorite inspirational quotes and mantras into the jar and grab one to read when you need a mental break. Have centerpieces figured out for your next event? Use these bottles for flowers vases and more!  Whatever you choose, our hope is that your family understands our commitment to making this planet better place, one bottle and ‘BETTOR’ idea at a time!


Our Team



Mark, President

Callie, Operations

Tatiana, Sales

Rene, Custom Chip Designer

Ryan, Graphics

Joe Clark, Finance

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