Bettor Rum
Bettor Rum
Bettor Rum
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Bettor Rum

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A Bettor Company Rum - High Quality, Authentic Spirits - Poker Chip Glass Bottle of Rum - Novelty Bar Essentials - Award-Winning Rum Spirits - 40% ALC/VOL (80 Proof)

The Story

Feel transported to Vegas without leaving your home. Our high-quality, authentic Rum liquor will be a staple in your spirits collection. Most importantly, we wanted to create something that will live in your back bar forever -- something that always brings you a little luck. A Bettor Company offers a small bottle of rum (50ml.) and a large bottle of rum (750ml.). Our rum is distilled from sugar, giving you an underlying flavor of sweetness. It is specifically made for your favorite cocktails and will be a unique addition to your bar. Mix up a rum and coke or a mojito - the possibilities are endless to make your ideal drink. It will also be the perfect gift for family, friends or anyone who enjoys a nice drink!



A Sip of Vegas

A little bit of Vegas goes a long way -- and that goes the same with our spirits. Each quality rum bottle features two real resin poker chips, giving you the real feel of Vegas. Our story starts in the city that never sleeps, Las Vegas, so it only makes sense all our liquors are made at 17a Stillery – which was also the first distillery in Las Vegas!

Be Your Own Mixologist

Bettor’s Rum is the perfect way to get the party started. Envision yourself walking down the strip while sipping a rum and coke or a mojito at your home bar- the possibilities are endless to make your ideal dark rum drink.

Add To Your Bartender Kit

Rum is a staple in every liquor collection. We want to give you something that not only tastes great, but you can collect and show off in your home bar. Bettor classic rum is specifically made to live on your back bar forever. Fill our 750ml. bottle with change or turn it into a fish bowl!

Quality Drinking Gifts

Give the gift of Vegas without taking a step. If he loves rum and the game of poker, a Bettor bottle is the perfect novelty gift for him to experience Vegas until he can travel again!

Our Heart Is In Las Vegas

While the world stayed home last year, we were out making spirits bettor. We wanted to create something that took the energy, the lights and the luck and bottled it all up for you to give your family and friends. We hope our products bring a little luck straight into your home.

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